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We are a lively, friendly youth theatre and our main aim, through drama games, improvisation and performance is to build confidence for children of all ages and help develop skills that will last a lifetime. 

Swan Youth Theatre has been home to thousands of young people since it was formed in 1965 and many of those young people have gone on to have successful careers in the arts. The main goals for the Swan Youth Theatre is to have fun with new friends, become a part of an ensemble, all while learning new theatre skills and technics. 

The groups work towards formal sharing at the end of each term and a main stage performance each year. We aim to provide unique opportunities for students by using specialist tutors and taking full advantage of the facilities at Swan Theatre.

Email Sue Webster: [email protected] to sign up! 


Mondays & Wednesdays - School Years 1-4
4:30pm - 5:30pm 
5-8 year olds take part in fun and dynamic sessions where they play drama games.  Our tutors gently introduce theatre skills using imaginative play, creativity exercises and physical theatre activities to get children used to working within a fun and informal group. We explore stories, poetry, short films, and theatre skills such as mime, vocal control and body work. They learn good social skills and work together to produce end of term showcases


Monday & Wednesdays - School Years 5-8 
5:45pm - 7:15pm
9 – 14 year olds enjoy weekly sessions which involve games and exercises which develop their skills as theatre-makers, performers and devisers as well as challenging them to devise their own performances and embrace the full range of styles, forms and possibilities within theatre.  They will begin to learn the creative elements of exploring a script and hone techniques for performance. We work toward a summer show, which can be either scripted or devised.


Mondays & Tuesday - School Years 9 - 13
7:30pm - 9:30pm 
 14 -18 year olds - In our sessions, we aim to encourage creativity, confidence and give our students the skills to better their craft as performers. We work with many different performance styles and the creative process behind that, such as devising work solo and with a group, working from a piece of text and storytelling both verbally and physically.

Our senior Swan Youth Theatre will be offered a variety of trips to local / regionally events and performances throughout the year as well as being invited to the in-house performances at the Swan Theatre. 

Important Information on the Swan Youth Theatre 

Location of sessions

Sessions are run in the Studio Block at the Swan Theatre. The Studio is located to the right of the Main Theatre building and is accessed through the gated theatre yard. 
(During session times the gate will be open). There is signage on the wall in front of the theatre giving directions and a sign on the Studio block itself which is visible from the road. 
Sessions are held either downstairs in the Bransford Trust Studio which is on the ground floor or upstairs in the Vesta Tilley Studio. We will let you know which studio we are using for which group 

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What our Members Say...

Swan Youth Theatre is a great way to boost your confidence

SYT Member - Age 10