Seating Information

Click to view Huntingdon Hall seating plan as a PDF

  • Rows A - H are chairs on the flat
  • Rows J backwards are in Pews
  • The pillars are indicated on the plan
  • There are partitions in the seating on rows K – P between seats 9 and 10
  • There are a limited number of box pews available, which are marked on the plan.


Disabled seating available in:
B10 and B11
D10 and D11
J10 and J11
If there is more than one wheelchair in your party we cannot accommodate wheelchairs next to each other as the seat next to the Wheelchair is allocated for a helper

The wheelchair accessible spaces at our venues are adaptable and should you wish to transfer onto a seat rather than remain in your wheelchair please let the box office know and we will make sure that option is available, equally if you use a large or specially adapted chair then please let us know and we will plan accordingly.