Bouncers – the night out of the Century, at the Swan Theatre!

Bouncers – the night out of the Century, at the Swan Theatre!

29 March 2023

Have you been looking for the perfect place to go for a night out? Then look no further, as John Godber’s comedy play Bouncers is the perfect way to spend your evening this Spring.

Performed by the Worcester Repertory Company at the Swan Theatre from the 10th – 13th May, don’t miss this fast paced and hilarious telling of an eventful night out from the perspective of the bouncers on the door. And here is the fun bit - the main four play all the other characters as well; the party girls and the wild boys, the smooth-talking DJ, the chatty cabbie and more.

Theatre fans may know that John Godber is considered one of the greatest British playwrights, and that Bouncers is one of the most performed plays in the UK today. In fact, Bouncers was named one of the ‘plays of the century!’ by the National Theatre, and it is often remarked how this play is just as relevant, laughter inducing and joyful to audiences now as it was before.

When reminiscing about his own nights out, John Godber said

“Me and my friends would look forward to the excitement of the weekend just as a child looks forward to Christmas. The sense of excitement, of possibility, danger and romance was intoxicating to us back then.”

And that is exactly the feeling you get when watching Bouncers; anticipation, excitement, and lots of laughter as you watch the antics unfold.

Ian Good, season director for Worcester Theatres, who most recently directed Cinderella the Pantomime at the Swan Theatre, said

“I am delighted to be back at the Swan Theatre working with The Worcester Rep after last year's successful season to be directing 'Bouncers'. I always like a trip back to the 80's as it reminds me of when I was of clubbing age. This is a great story about the eccentric characters and pure joy of a Saturday night out! Just remember - if your name isn’t on the list, you’re not getting in!”

Other Worcester Repertory Company alumni joining Ian this Spring will be Andy Watkins (Cinderella, Swan Theatre 2022) as Judd, Rob Holman (Antigone, Swan Theatre 2022) as Lucky Eric, Laurence Saunders and Phil Yarrow (Round & Round the Garden, The Commandery) as Les and Ralph. Set in a club in the 1980’s, this is a light hearted, funny play performed by excellent actors with all your favourite 80s tunes as the soundtrack.

Spring is the perfect season for this ‘all-time comedy classic ’ to be coming to Worcester, so what are you waiting for? Performances run from Wednesday 10th – Saturday 13th May at 7:30pm, with a 2:30pm matinee on Saturday 13th.